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What does diabetes do to your feet

Make sure you wear socks, stockings, or nylons with your shoes to keep from getting blisters and sores. Smoking can lower the amount of blood flow to your feet. Breadcrumb Home Guide to diabetes Complications Feet. These products can burn your skin. About half of all people with diabetes have some kind of diabetic neuropathy… Read More »

Can malaria make you miss your period

I had just turned 25, I was not on birth control, and my period was nine days late. Every tampon-free trip to the bathroom that week was followed by disappointment, terror, and then panic. All I could think was, “Please don’t be pregnant, please don’t be pregnant. Finally, a wonderful, much braver friend of mine… Read More »

Does cialis lower your blood pressure

Peripheral vasodilation secondary to PDE 5 inhibition is known to occur during periods of augmented nitric oxide drive [ 20 ]; despite this, the dose—response at the doses used for ED is shallow. Caffeine and hypertension Calcium channel blockers Calcium supplements: Do they interfere with blood pressure drugs? Blood pressure readings: Why higher at home?… Read More »