Advantages and disadvantages of loans in Bowl

Each coin has two sides – a loan also has its advantages and disadvantages. An objective discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal will make a balanced and wise decision. Therefore, below we present the advantages and disadvantages of an installment loan prepared by Bowl.


  • the option of spreading the loan into four small installments,
  • simple and fast process of applying for a loan,
  • no hidden costs,
  • minimum of formalities,
  • the loan also offered to persons with negative credit history and bailiffs,
  • wide age range,
  • the possibility of early repayment,
  • the opportunity to check costs before submitting the application.


  • a small range of cash that can be requested,
  • no possibility to change the loan period,
  • the loan is not granted over the weekend,
  • no possibility to extend the repayment date,
  • the company does not grant another loan during the previous one.

Bowl is a unique credit company. This gives you the opportunity to lend a small amount, for example, which we used to pay loans to payday. At the same time, we have the opportunity to pay obligations in four stages. You can borrow from 300 to 1000 zł. This amount will improve your home budget, allow you to pay bills, repairs, minor repairs or an important purchase, and will not lead to debt. Fourth, small installments (up to PLN 344.23 with a loan of PLN 1000) can be repaid easily and without too much trouble. Paying off PLN 1000 after 30 days is definitely more difficult.

The Bowl offer is available to people of all ages, both very young (18 years old) and older, already retired and aged. Few companies offer such a wide age range. Young people, even those who have regular monthly jobs or older people who receive benefits every month, are often rejected by banks and deprived of their companies – fortunately, in Bowl they can apply for cash, like.

Instantly offering payday Champion payday loan approval is also a great solution for busy people. The whole application process does not take much time, no documents are required, and formalities are minimized. The lender’s decision is as instant as sending money to a client. Thus, you can get a loan to your account even after 15 minutes.